3 Reasons Why BC Bud is World Famous

3 Reasons Why BC Bud is World Famous

Just mentioning the 1960s evokes images of woodstock, tie-dye, peace signs, and, of course, lots of cannabis. But despite its idyllic image, this decade also saw some seriously chaotic and trying times, featuring tense moments ranging from widespread student protests all the way to epochal events like the Cuban missile crisis. On a brighter note, this decade also saw the rise of BC Bud.

You heard that right – out of some of the most troubled times in recent history, BC’s worldwide reputation for cannabis excellence came to flower!

One of the most contentious social issues in the USA at this time was the Vietnam war, which saw as many as 40,000 men drafted each month to join the fray.

Many who objected to this senseless violence sought refugee status in Canada, which over 30,000 American men were granted. Of those, the majority from California, Oregon, and Washington flocked to the temperate climate and tolerant communities of British Columbia, carrying with them the seeds (literally) of BC’s cannabis fame.

BC Bud is Born

Over time, BC’s diverse microclimates brought some famous strains to the world stage – well-known names such as Island Sweet Skunk, Chemo Kush, and God Bud – and BC came to be synonymous with high-quality cannabis.

These strains would go on to win cannabis cup after cannabis cup, and to this day BC is home to a thriving community of growers devoted to honing in on exceptional genetics.

But this reputation isn’t just luck-of-the-draw – there are real and measurable reasons why BC Bud is so famous around the world. Let’s take a closer look at 3 major reasons why BC Bud came to be so well regarded.

1. Weather

BC’s unique climate – cool fall weather with long, warm summer days – makes for robust, healthy, and high-yielding plants. Add to this our province’s diversity of microclimates and there’s little wonder why so many unique strains from many different genetic lineages have come to call BC home.

2. Enforcement

Until October 17th, 2018, the possession, production, and use of cannabis was illegal. Unlike many other locales across Canada and the United States, BC’s enforcement of cannabis laws was very lax, making it a hotspot for cannabis production. Naturally, this attracted some very experienced growers to the fold.

3. Experimentation

One benefit of lax enforcement was that growers could be more open about their genetic experimentation and share the unique phenotypes they produced. This collective effort to hone in on potent and desirable genetics led to the advent of some wildly popular cannabis strains.

Now Earth to Sky Cannabis is looking to the future and elevating BC Bud once more. As more BC-based micro-growers and LPs enter the fold, we’ll be ready to bring their product to the people who value it most – residents of our beautiful province. If you’re looking for a local source for BC Bud, Earth to Sky Cannabis has you covered.

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