How to Find the Right Cannabis Edibles Online

How to Find the Right Cannabis Edibles Online

Finding the right recipe to make cannabis edibles online can be tricky, and the suitability of a recipe depends on a number of factors. Add to this the fact that cannabis oils have a distinctive (and not particularly appetizing) herbal flavour, and finding the perfect pairing can seem pretty near to impossible. But hope is not lost! Here are 5 tips to help you find the perfect recipe for cannabis edibles online.

#1: Oil That and More

One of the big issues you’ll come across when searching for recipes is finding one with enough oil. Cannabis is fat-soluble, meaning it can only be carried by fats (and NOT water). This means that, for maximum potency, the cannabis in your recipe needs to come in the form of an oil extraction. 

Although the low-fat craze of the 80s and 90s is largely behind us, it can still be hard to find recipes (especially savoury recipes) that utilize enough oil to achieve the potency you want.

#2: Temperature

The next thing to consider when looking for cannabis edible recipes is temperature. Say you’ve found a recipe for brownies that uses lots of oil – great! However, if this recipe calls for the brownies to be baked at 450 degrees fahrenheit, it’s best to steer clear. Why? Well, cannabinoids degrade in response to heat, and the higher the heat, the more cannabinoids you lose. Ideally look for a no-bake recipe, but if you can’t find that, look for a low-temperature recipe.

#3: Baking/Cooking Time

Alongside #2, you also need to consider baking/cooking times. The more time something spends in the oven or on the stove, the worse it’s going to be for potency. Look for a low temp recipe that also has a low baking time – muffins come to mind, as they’re often baked at 325-350 degrees fahrenheit for only 20-25 minutes.

#4: Flavour

Cannabis has a distinct flavour, as anyone who’s eaten infused goodies can tell you. If the oil you’re using still has terpenes, it’s important to pair it right to offset some of those funky herbal flavours. One common pairing is chocolate, which also has the added benefit of increasing cannabinoid levels! Other common options include citrus (like lemon loaf, for example), cinnamon, and vanilla. In savoury dishes, offsetting cannabis’ earthy and herbal flavour usually involves brighter spices like cumin and turmeric. 

Still can’t bear the taste after burying it under pounds of aromatics? We have some great news – you can purchase oils with all of their terpenes removed at Earth to Sky Cannabis!

#5: Health

Since the early 1800s, some form of the phrase “you are what you eat” has existed. And this is more true than ever with:

A) our easy access to processed, refined, and generally unhealthy foods, and 

B) our growing understanding of human biology and nutritional needs. 

While it might be tempting to go for the classic brownie recipe, if this becomes your main method of consumption, that can add up to many brownies a week. Try to opt for recipes that offer a balanced range of nutrients – for example, infused hummus, infused salad dressings, or a raw nutritional powerhouse like these cannabis bliss balls.

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