Cannabis Seeds: Choose Great Seeds in 6 Easy Steps

Cannabis Seeds: Choose Great Seeds in 6 Easy Steps

Cannabis is a hardy plant, but growing good cannabis is an art. Rule #1? You can’t grow good cannabis from bad cannabis seeds!

Nothing in the cannabis world hurts quite as much as raising poorly performing plants – an enormous amount of love, time, resources, and money wasted on disappointing growth and low yields.

If you want to make sure your investment is worth it there are a number of things you can look for when purchasing seeds.

#1: Make sure your cannabis seeds are healthy

There are a few ways to ensure you pick cannabis seeds that are healthy and high quality. First of all, make sure that the seeds aren’t light on the outside – healthy seeds should be dark brown. The outside should also be shiny and glossy, without many visible cracks. Cracks can suggest that a seed is starting to dry out.

#2: Choose your Phenotype

You can tell a lot about a product from its genetics. Make sure you know what you prefer and pick genetics that work for you – if you’re inexperienced with cannabis (or this is your first rodeo altogether) try to stick with a higher-CBD strain with mild effects. It’s pretty heartbreaking to end up with pounds of product that doesn’t get you where you want to be!

#3: Location, Location, Location

Are you growing your strains indoors or outdoors? Will you be able to control the climate? When choosing a phenotype, keep in mind that certain strains will fare better in certain conditions. If you’re choosing to grow a Hawaiian plant in Northern BC you can expect to run into some issues.

#4: Consider Size

Different genetics will have different growing patterns, and some can be absolutely massive. If you’re doing an outdoor grow in a private backyard, feel free to choose a tropical varietal with an expansive canopy. But if space is an issue, definitely opt for a more stout and bushy varietal and avoid overcrowding – try to leave at the very least 3 inches between plants. Auto-flowering hybrids can be perfect for indoor closet grows.

#5: Hardiness

Some plants are the beginner’s dream – mold-resistant, pest-resistant, and not too picky about growing conditions – while others are the exact opposite, disease-prone divas that wilt if the temperature is even one degree too hot. Make sure to pick a plant that suits your level of experience!

#6: Feminized or Non-Feminized

Only female cannabis plants produce potent flowers, and only then when they don’t produce seeds. Even one male in the garden will pollinate the females and lead to seed production, effectively ruining your crop. Non-Feminized cannabis seeds will produce a roughly 50% mix of male/female plants, and are much cheaper. If you feel confident that you can identify male plants, this is a more economical option. But if you want 99.9% certainty, go with feminized cannabis seeds.

Are you on the hunt to buy cannabis seeds in your area? Earth to Sky Cannabis will be carrying a wide range of legal cannabis seeds in our Sooke and Trail locations, including feminized cannabis seeds and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Don’t hesitate to drop by if you have questions about growing cannabis legally or if you want to buy cannabis seeds to start your own little garden!

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