Just as our ancestors found guidance in the steadfast constellations of the night sky, Earth to Sky seeks to be an unwavering light in the rapidly evolving landscape of retail cannabis. Reunite with the age-old tradition of cannabis consumption through our wide selection of cannabis products and heritage genetics, thoughtfully curated from leading LPs and craft collectives with a special focus on BC-based cultivators.

Earth to Sky will provide dried cannabis flower, pre-rolls, cannabis seeds, infused oils, oil capsules, and cannabis accessories to the legal adult-use cannabis market in British Columbia, featuring a selection that pays homage to BC's long history of cannabis consumption and cultivation.

About Earth To Sky's Owner

Ian is the founder and owner Earth to Sky Cannabis. Over the last 5+ years Ian has had a focus on cannabis opportunities, having founded a number of municipally-licenced cannabis retail locations in BC. Over the last 21 years Ian has specialized in real estate development, zoning, and construction with projects ranging from custom homes to subdivisions, breweries, hotels, apartments, and other commercial and industrial buildings. His projects have culminated in many hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of transactions. Prior to that, Ian attended the University of Victoria and University of British Columbia, majoring in Urban Land Economics. Since 1998, Ian has consistently proven his ability to build and grow multi-million dollar projects from the ground up. Whether he’s renovating a heritage building or developing a condominium, Ian’s boots are on the ground from conception to completion, and his dedication and passion for his work is unmistakable.

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